By taking them by the hand through successful stories of other “MomPreneurs that will inspire, we want to make a difference in their lives and give them the keys to success and help them realize their dreams.

So, Mom:

If you have a professional dream, if you want to create a business ... Do not let anything stop you! In “More than Mom” you will discover testimonials and tips to assist you in finding the balance between your work and your family, while achieving everything you set your mind to. Because a happy and balanced woman, becomes a successful businesswoman.

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Motivating, Educating And Empowering

MEE If you want to become a better version of yourself, MEE is for you. MEE is a project dedicated to empower people specially entrepreneurs and small business owners who often feel lost and have no one to talk about their challenges, share their achievements and/or get that seed of mustard of motivation to continue with the beautiful journey call entrepreneurship. MEE will also provide learning subjects and tools to improve their skills this includes but not limited to Intellectual, emotional, and physically.

MEE is what I call a game changing program: Motivating Educating and Empowering. Within this program we are going to learn how motivate each other, learn different topics and build a growth mindset. Also, we will learn the importance of educating ourselves to empower and make our dreams a reality base on mindset, Education, hard-work and persistence.