Our Team

Adela Jaimes
Chief Marketing Officer
>Chief Marketing Officer
Adela has a crucial role in the development and understanding of appropriate teaching content and methods that will meet the metrics and goals of each program of the organization. Her role in public relations is to foster the public image of the organization.
Armando Ricardez
Director, Mesa Redonda Food Program
Armando is as an advocate and business leader. Having opened and operated several cafeterias and full-service restaurants in the expand of 30 years. His experience and knowledge allow him to help others tackle the opportunities, obstacles and challenges that are associated with opening and running a food service business. In addition to his business owner background, Armando has been advising businesses in Santa Clara County since 2016. As Food programs Director he will lead specialized Food Service initiatives and employ his relationships with food businesses, and the food industry ecosystem of Silicon Valley to benefit the work of Prosperity Lab.
Gisela Robles Linares
With extensive experience in Strategic Planning and Management. She develops content and teaching strategies aimed at contributing to the launching of new businesses or to enhance the growth of existing ones.
José María Ruiz de Velasco
As a technology enthusiast José María Ruiz de Velasco is co-founder of “CODE & Modules” a startup that enables the creation of professional grade connected solutions in Silicon Valley in 2017. Jose Maria joins the prosperity Lab to develop and implement program that will help bridge the digital divide for small business owners, their families, and employees. Jose Maria earned his degree as an Electrical Engineer from Iberoamerica University.
Bryan Do
Business Advisor
Bryan brings his skills as in outreach, business development and strategic planning to program participants and small businesses. Bryan is a Block Chain evangelist, leader who provides business training and assistance to small businesses.
Brianna Ricardez
Outreach and Resource Specialist, Food programs
Brianna facilitates businesses in the food industry with resources, vital information and growth tools. She supports the food program director with administrative tasks and in managing the service experience of food program participants. Brianna is completing her Bachelor of Science at Foothill College.
Eesha Hernandez
Fund Developer
In her role as fund developer Eesha is tasked with identifying and qualifying funding sources, supporting the Executive Director in preparing proposals and ensuring that they are aligned with the strategic plan of Prosperity Lab. Eesha is passionate about working with organic communities. She studied Ecology and Botany at Humboldt State University, is a certified paralegal and has a strong background of working in favor of immigrant rights.
Gilbert Flores-Hernandez
Gilbert joined Prosperity lab’s intern program to gain work practical knowledge and work experience. He supports the outreach and Client experience team. Gilbert is a sophomore completing his General Education.


Anita Garcia
Business Advisor
Anita owns and operate Momentous Events LLC, where she creates, designs and executes various events, symposiums, fundraisers, professional development events, programs, conferences, to success based on client's objectives and goals. She brings her vast experience to benefit prosperity Lab’s program participants. .
Servando Sandoval
Servando R. Sandoval is currently a Shareholder in the San Jose-based law firm Pahl & McCay. Mr. Sandoval’s areas of concentration include all aspects of real estate, employment law and commercial litigation. He has extensive experience in all facets of employment law and fair housing laws, including counseling clients as to day-to-day employment, he represents both for-profit and non-profit owners, property managers and developers, providing operational advice in all areas of employment and real estate, including fair housing and compliance issues. Servando provides legal issues training to small businesses participating in Prosperity Lab’s programs. Mr. Sandoval graduated with honors from the University of California at Los Angeles and also received his Juris Doctor the UCLA School of Law..