Renaissance Entrepreneurial Center – South Bay

South Bay Team has partneredship to enable the Business Circle Latinx team to extend their offering by providing training and assistance to low income, micro-enterprises and self-employed residents who need help starting their business in order to achieve self-sufficiency.

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East Side Grown – Food Sovereignty

Powered by Veggielution Community Farm located at Emma Prusch Farm in East San Jose. East Side Grown is a program that seeks to connect local food entrepreneurs and residents to each other and to infrastructure and resources that increase social connections, knowledge and economic mobility. Business Circle LatinX has been providing business training and technical assistance for participants since its inception.


Building Prosperous Business Communities

Prosperity Lab recognizes that underserved business corridors lack engagement, formal leadership, and the ability to advocate for resources and better policies. Many business districts have an under-taped resource, business owners. Many of whom, want to get involved and lead change in their communities but are not sure how to go about it. This vacuum of leadership creates inequity in the way resources are allocated and create their systematic exclusion in key policy decisions and city/County budget allocations.

Grassroots organizing this in our DNA, the team at Prosperity Lab is working towards empowering small business communities in Santa Clara and San Mateo County to find their voice, come together and start their own associations or business groups. Prosperity Lab foster emerging business leaders by providing them with tools, training and support.

Mobility LABS

Mobility LABs—is an initiative to spur the development of new solutions to sustainably lift families out of poverty, and to promote dynamic leaders to change the conversation around social and economic mobility. The idea that people who are closest to the challenge are closest to the solution, we are taking a “community up” approach. Local anchor partners to embark on a data-driven, heart-led process to identify solutions and produce a plan to pilot, test, and implement those solutions.

Mobility LABs is designed as a cohort model with a key focus on peer learning across diverse communities in east San Jose. Prosperity Lab is a partner supporting the work of Simos Mayfair, Family Grail Services and Veggielution by providing business skills, financial literacy and digital training to Mobility Lab’s participants.

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Fair Workplace Collaborative

Fair Workplace Collaborative to OLSE´s (Office of Labor Standards and Enforcement, County of Santa Clara) and Working Partnership USA. Business Circle LatinX serves as one of the business partner, tasked with serving small and minority-owned businesses by providing them human resources business training, resources and referrals to pro-bono legal assistance with an emphasis on high risk industries in Santa Clara County.